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Sibley County board supports proactive approach by GFW

Sibley County’s Board of Commissioners, in a workshop meeting earlier this year, gave its verbal support to an approach that, if successful, would provide $1 million in economic development funds for Gibbon, Winthrop and Fairfax.  See more on this GFW School District proposal in the March 23rd issue of The Gaylord Hub.

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Man arrested late Friday in connection with Winthrop murder

Travis Lee Bauer was arrested late Friday and is expected to be charged with second degree murder in connection to the death of a rural Winthrop man last September. Bauer reportedly had a working relationship with Dennis Weitzenkamp.   It was mid-afternoon on Tuesday, September 20th when the Sibley County Sheriff’s Office received a call…

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Diaz siblings among best in State

Siblings Natalie and Benito Diaz were both medal winners at the State Wrestling Tournament.  For more on their story and state tourney results, see the March 9th edition of The Gaylord Hub.

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Pinske’s art goes beyond Gaylord backyard

Barre Pinske, a 1981 graduate of Gaylord High School, continues to be known as one of the world’s premier chainsaw artists.  See more on his story, and why he changed his name from Barry to Barre, in the Febuary 9th issue of The Hub.

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